When I Look into Her Eyes I See


(Credit: Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash)


Her eyes aren’t windows

To some soul hiding within.

They are a mirror.


Childhood Morning


(Credit: MabelAmber on Pixabay)


The first rays of day.

Our garden pond becomes an

Ocean of jewels


A Long Trip Home


Distant misty trees

Grow ever closer as I

Strain my aching legs.


Eyes in the Dark


In the dark I meet

Glowing eyes and glinting teeth

Whose bite will prevail?


To the Faerest Lady in Illumen

My poem To the Faerest Lady can now be found in Illumen magazine! 😀 I received my own copy just the other day.

To the Faerest Lady is a love poem about a fae woman in the form of five sonnets.

If you want to read it, Illumen can be bought as either print or e-book at Alban Lake Store.




(Credit: Laurel Balyeat on Unsplash)


I stop to admire

Your eternal suicide

Crashing against rocks.


Meeting a Fox


(Credit: Sunyu on Unsplash)


Turning the corner

Three frozen seconds before

The red hunter flees.


What Would it be Like?


(From Babraham)


Hoarse cries, wriggling worms

Beginning one’s life in a

Chaos of branches


Rooks Outside my Window


(Credit: Kathy2408 on Pixabay)


Cawing loud and long

Do they get even more hoarse

As the days go by?


After a Long Walk


(From Wandlebury Country Park)


Mud on my trousers

A robin’s song in my heart

I bring the woods home.


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