01 Introduction

She walked with a limp. Her hand gripped her upper arm so tightly that bruises appeared. Her grey eyes were downcast and saw nothing. She stumbled on.

The skyscrapers looked down upon her with contempt, and from their windows hung many a fat bastard who told themselves that they would never be in her shoes. She shuddered in their shadow.

Behind her the building was still smoking, and a couple of people had already saved some of the furniture from the wreckage. For themselves of course.

Her hair fell into her eyes. She did not do anything to stop it.

Her nametag was torn but it might have read Misfortune or Misery. A single red pearl dropped from her nose, and coloured the debris.

As she passed me, I wanted to say something. I wanted to assure her that all was not lost, that someone would help her. But the words stuck in my throat. I am not even sure that she saw me.

She never raised her head as she disappeared into the crowded streets.

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  1. Man, you are good, but you probably know that already. If these last three posts are representative, I could spend hours here. What can I say? You paint a vivid picture with your words. Your flow and structure are brilliant. You have an engaging style. You have to had heard all of this a dozen times. So, I’m just going to go with . . .

    Man, you are good.

  2. Very vivid and intense.


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