04 Monsters 2 of 5

2. Instrumental

Old Man Harold was not only the oldest man in town, he was also the richest. His only child Henrietta was very aware of this. So was her husband.

And although they led a very comfortable life as it was, Henrietta was rather in need in a new dress or two with matching jewellery, and her husband could use a new horse. But Old Man Harold was careful with his money and would not hand it out to be spent on extravagances.

So they made a plan.

Henrietta bought some sleeping mixture from a young woman. They poured it in Old Man Harold’s drink. When he was fast asleep and everyone else in the village had gone to bed, Henrietta’s husband carried Old Man Harold outside and placed him in the ditch just outside his own door. Then they hurried home through the cold night air.

The next morning Old Man Harold was cold and stiff.

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  1. I hope, given the circumstances of the story, that registering a “Like” for it is not misunderstood! 😉

    • I promise to take all ‘likes’ on this post as a like to the writing or general story and not as an approval of their behaviour 🙂
      Oh and of course, “All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, ect. ect.” 😉

  2. Well that was straight to the point.. thank you.. c

  3. What they didn’t know, was that Old Man Harold wrote them OUT of the will and left everything to the town bum.


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