04 Monsters 3 of 5

3. Demonic

Gottfried sat on the front pew in church with his wife. As the priest promised them all fire and brimstone, his wife stared at the cross behind the altar with empty eyes, stroking her round belly with one hand.

When the priest had blessed them all, Gottfried rose and offered his arm to his wife. She cringed and then quickly accepted it. A little too quickly perhaps, but no one would notice. Gottfried smiled.

When they were home and Gottfried closed the door, his wife’s eyes darted to the whip on the wall. Then she looked at the floor. As Gottfried took back his arm, she trembled.

‘What are you afraid of?’ said Gottfried.

‘I cringed in the church,’ she said, ‘please forgive me.’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ said Gottfried, ‘you know I’m a generous man, I can forgive you. Now fetch me something to eat.’ Gottfried sat down at the table and his wife hurried into the kitchen. She came back with a plate, and knife, then black sausage and bread.

‘And something to drink,’ said Gottfried.

‘Of course husband,’ she whispered and did his bidding. She placed a cup on the table, Gottfried grabbed it. Very carefully she poured ale from a clay pitcher. When Gottfried moved the cup slightly to one side, she followed his movement with clenched teeth.

‘Hurry up,’ said Gottfried, ‘I want something to drink today.’

‘Yes, husband.’ She poured until just under the brim then stepped back and stumbled over Gottfried’s foot. The pitcher flew through the air with a trail of ale. When it connected with the wall it smashed. The rest of the content sprayed out over the room. Gottfried smiled. His wife sprawled on the floor.

‘Please,’ she muttered, ‘please.’

‘Don’t worry my dear,’ said Gottfried, ‘I’ll teach you not to be clumsy.’ He rose from his seat. ‘And this time, I won’t use the whip.’ He smashed his foot into the cringing figure on the ground.

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  1. And what Gottfried didn’t know was that cup of ale had just a little more kick than usual.

  2. I’m definitely rooting for the wife. I like the illustration. It looks evil with a little bit of cuteness.

  3. I’m with Bongo.

  4. I loved your blog.Really thank you! Will read on…

  5. I like your style


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