09 Drive

‘Drive them out,’ the villager said, ‘drive them out of the village, drive them out in their thing. Witches and wizards the lot of them!’

The angry mob drove the family out and left them sitting in their car about a kilometre from the village.

‘So,’ said Peter, ‘what do we do now?’ He scratched the whiskers on his cheek which had grown considerably since their arrival to this place. None in the family knew where ‘this place’ was.

‘I don’t know,’ said Lillian, ‘maybe we could find a town or even village where they don’t have such a profound hate of cars.’ She looked in the side mirror and tried to make her hair lie down. She really needed a bath, preferably a long hot one.

‘We’ve been to six villages already,’ said Peter, ‘I don’t know about you, but I see a pattern.’

‘Did either of you think of just leaving the car?’ said the child on the backseat.

‘Jack!’ said Lillian, ‘how can you say that?’ She shook her head as if the only thing more ridiculous would be a sheep trying to fly.

‘We could come back for it later,’ continued Jack, ‘without the car, maybe we could convince someone to help us, maybe they could show us the way.’

‘Jack I know the car hasn’t exactly been welcome in the villages,’ said Peter, ‘But leaving it behind is much too drastic.’

‘That’s it!’ said Lillian, ‘villages. We’ve only been to villages. We haven’t been to any real towns out here. This time Peter you just keep on driving until we see a real town, alright?’

‘Alright,’ Peter said.

‘And Jack,’ said Lillian turning round in her seat to look him in the face, ‘I’ll have no more talk of leaving the car.’

‘But mother,’ said Jack.

‘And that’s final,’ said Lillian.

‘Father,’ said Jack.

‘Listen to your mother Jack,’ said Peter.

And they drove on.

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