O, The Intermissionness!

Due to little time this morning, and very loud music from my neighbour now, there will be a short intermission from the story (please don’t get angry).

Hopefully, I will complete part ten tomorrow, otherwise it will be published Wednesday.

For now, please enjoy these small intermission type texts.


Red and Stars and Sky

Sky at dusk,

Light disappearing from the world.

Something sweet has just left me.

I am not sure what.

But it lingers on my tongue.

And reminds me of dates.





Hair spreading out.

Like lazy snakes circling her head.

She is looking at me with grey eyes.

Should I take her with me?

Is that what she wants?

I take her hand.

She does not resist.

I pull her with me to the bottom.


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  1. I like that the taste on your tongue reminds you of dates! Of dates on the calendar or the fruit I wonder.. hmmm food for thought! Literally!


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