Moving Forwards part 13

The Flute Bearer stopped right in front of the next island. There it turned around and looked Rodger directly in the face.

‘Ah,’ said Rodger, ‘good I knew you couldn’t ignore me forever. We have to go the other way.’ He pointed back over his shoulder. The Flute Bearer turned back towards the island and removed some of the white stones from where they rested against the earth. Rodger moved closer keeping the Spiral in front of him like a shield. The Flute Bearer dug down and cut the net with its claws.

‘What are you doing?’ said Rodger.

The Flute Bearer loosened the earth, moved a bit right cut some more net, loosened the earth.

‘Come on,’ said Rodger, ‘You could at least try to communicate with me.’

The Flute Bearer moved a bit to the left and did the same then took off the necklace carrying the flute.

‘How about you?’ said Rodger turning to the Spiral, ‘can you try to explain this?’ He pointed to the Flute Bearer and the earth. Scratched his head. The Spiral inclined its head. Rodger pointed again. The Spiral gurgled and gestured towards the island. Rodger shook his head.

‘I don’t understand.’ He pointed to his head.

The Spiral gurgled again and gestured to the Flute Bearer. The Flute Bearer straightened up and gurgled back at the Spiral. Then it put the flute to its mouth.

’Oh no,’ said Rodger as the lovely music flowed towards him, ‘you can’t trick me into the water with that again. I’m awake this time.’

The Spiral struggled and gurgled at him.

‘Heyheyhey,’ said Rodger, ‘stop that. You’ll just end up tightening it around your throat.’

The trees moved. Rodger froze and watched as they uncurled in slow-motion to the music. He gaped like a fish as their branches bent down and reached towards him.

‘Please,’ he said, ‘you can’t…’

The branches were like tentacles creeping towards him. He shook his head. But wait a minute, he was on the path and the closest tree was still quite far away. They could not possibly reach him here. He took a deep breath.

‘Alright, I can see you are just trying to scare me. Why won’t you just give me a -’

One of the trees moved closer. The roots were moving as if swimming through the earth. It was slow, but it was coming closer.



Read part one here:

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