23 Cat

She stretches. She purrs. She beckons. And he comes to her. Slowly, hesitantly. But he comes. The sofa is red leather. The thick carpet masks his steps. Only her purring and his breathing disturb the air.

Sweat glistens on the back of his neck. The only source of light and warmth is the candles on the table and the windowsill. When he takes off his coat and shirt, goosebumps appear on his arms. She does not seem to feel the cold. He flinches as he notices the wet spots under the arms of his shirt. She only looks at his face. Her green eyes unblinking. His gaze shifts and he blinks several times. Then he takes another step. Her purring grows louder.

He goes down on his knees before the sofa. She sits up. As she strokes his hair with one finger, he trembles. She arranges herself comfortably on the sofa as he unties his shoelaces. His cheeks grow red, his eyes shine. He removes his trousers. His breathing grows ragged as he climbs onto the sofa.

Her purring fills his head. Her claws dig into his back. For a split second a smile finds his lips.

Then the tearing begins.

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  1. showard76

     /  June 21, 2012

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