Namé Hara and her Grandmother

By popular request I here bring a conversation between Namé Hara and her grandmother.

I hope you will enjoy 🙂


’I have to go now, grandmother,’ Namé Hara picked up her coat, ‘thanks for the cake.’

‘Are you going dancing again?’ her grandmother took a sip of earl grey tea.

‘Grandma,’ Namé sighed, ‘I haven’t danced since I was… what? thirteen?’

‘Pity,’ her grandmother put another lump of sugar in her tea and stirred it, ‘you were really good at it.’

‘I suppose…’

‘You reminded me of me when I was younger. Do you know I used to dance salsa?’

‘Yes, you’ve told me that.’

‘I can’t now of course because of my hip… and my knees… and my ankles of course, but if it hadn’t been for that I would still be flying across the dance floor in high heels.’ Her grandmother took a small sip. ‘Oh, those were the days.’

Namé buttoned her coat.

‘Why was it that you stopped dancing?’ asked her grandmother.

‘I already told you that,’ said Namé.

‘Tell me again,’ said her grandmother, ‘my memory is not what it used to be.’

‘I just didn’t feel like it anymore,’ Namé picked at a loose thread in her sleeve.

‘Can’t imagine why,’ her grandmother picked up a piece of cake and dipped it in the tea, ‘you seemed like you were having such a good time.’

‘Catherine is waiting for me,’ said Namé, ‘I’ll see you later.’

‘Take care dear,’ her grandmother waved with the soggy piece of cake as Namé closed the door behind her.

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  1. I like this! I love any story that shows a relationship between a younger and older generation. Nicely done.


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