A Walk in the Park

A runner comes towards me and I concentrate on her face.

… making it a countable union of countable sets and therefore countable Q.E.D.

I wish I knew what that meant. I stop and watch as she passes me by.

… if we let x belong to the sigma algebra…

But Sarah is getting ahead now, so I cannot stay to hear the rest.

We continue around the small lake in the park and pass by a man feeding the ducks. He has a strange smile on his face.

… eat up my little flea-bitten ones, you won’t taste the cyanide before it’s too late… 

Poor birds. If only I could tell Sarah, but I could never make her understand. Perhaps if I just gave him a small push, let him fall into the lake, just to give him a fright. But then Sarah would be angry with me, and she would probably even help him out of the lake even if she got wet doing it. She might even get a cold or a fever. And she looked close to dying last time she had a fever. I shake myself. I cannot let her get sick ever again. I trot up beside Sarah and look up at her face.

… does it have to be so cold? The summer’s barely over…

Oh, dear, she is already cold. I find a bush to pee in, so that I am ready to go home at once if need be. When we reach a divide in the path, where the first branch continues around the small lake and the second goes around the other larger lake first, Sarah stops.

… been some time since we went for a long walk, but it’s so cold…

I take a few steps down the first path and look back at her. She smiles and follows me.

When we get home, I leave my stick outside and rub my paws on the mat, like Sarah always does. She kneels down to unbuckle her shoes.

… Where did I put my slippers?…

I hurry into the living room, dig her slippers out from beneath the sofa and bring them back to Sarah. I drop them in front of her and wag my tail.

‘Sometimes it’s almost as if you can read my thoughts,’ she says, ‘thank you, you’re the best dog ever.’

And I feel the warmth spread throughout me. I am the best dog ever.



I have not written much this week, but next week I’ll try to write some more Namé Hara scenes. I hope you enjoyed this for now 🙂

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