100 posts! Also, Germany

Last Friday I realized that I had just posted my 100th post!

But then I went off to Harzen in Germany and therefore I did not get any celebratory post done. And since I only just came home today, Wednesday was also postless. But now I am back and to make up for it all, (yes, you guessed it) I’m going to publish two posts today! (The madness!)

First of all in this my first of two posts today, I want to say thank you. Thank you to you. Yes, you. For reading my blog and keeping my hopes up that someday many more like you will sit down and read something I have written. And hopefully be happy that you did.

Also, I want to say thank you to all the people who have commented on my posts. I love answering comments!

And especially a great big thank you to those 184 people who pressed the follow button and now receives emails every time I am productive. Thank you very much all of you, just looking at that number gives me motivation 🙂

Thank you!

Now after those well deserved ‘thank you’s I would like to share a bit of Harzen with you.

A  bit of Harzen

It is a very beautiful area famed for their witches. However, the witches must all have modernized their outfits or perhaps they were hiding because the only ones I saw in traditional “witch garb” were dolls.


Another thing I saw was a stalactite cave called Hermannshöhle, very fascinating. They introduced some amphibians to the cave about a hundred years ago, but they never bred. Which was not really odd because, as they found out later, they were all males…

They are having a party.

I also went to Goslar where they have plenty of beautiful old buildings.

Goslar, church

Goslar, church (Photo credit: Pete Reed)

On my last day in Harzen I took a walk from Hahnenklee to Lautenthal.

There I found a café where I could have lunch and I was served the tastiest lamb I have had for a long time. It was served in an old black frying pan and very VERY yummy.

The next post today (I will publish it sometime this evening) will be a bit of flash fiction where I have given myself the tag words: Witch, old building and lamb.

I hope you will enjoy it!

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  1. The photos are beautiful and I love you’re dancing sketch. I’m technologically challenged so there’s a lot I’d like to do with my blog, but don’t know how. I just recently began adding photos to it, and that’s quite a challenge since I only have regular dialup. Perhaps someday when I’m a well known author I’ll be able to afford high speed internet. Meanwhile: onward…

    • Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the photos or the sketch…
      I’ve found them all on the internet, since I did not bring a camera myself and the ones I went to Germany with haven’t sent me any of their photos yet. When they do I think I’ll post some of them. I know they took a very beautiful one of the sun shining through the mist.

      I hope that high speed internet will come your way soon and that ‘well-known-authorness’ will come even sooner 🙂


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