Namé Hara – The Big Day part 1 of 2

Today, Namé Hara told herself, staring into the eyes of her reflection, today was the day. Today was her chance and after today they would all know how she felt, and some of them might laugh, but that would only be the stupid ones, and she would not care about that.

Feelings were like steam her mother said, keep them inside and the pressure will just keep building, until you explode. Also, if things went as she hoped, she would spend at least the next six months in bliss. She saw the cheeks in the mirror redden, the lips smile. She could do it, she told herself, today.


Her belly was full of butterflies as she entered the dance studio. She was the first to arrive other than the instructor, miss Jefferson.

‘Hello Namé,’ she said, ‘you’re early today.’

‘Hello, Miss Jefferson,’ said Namé.

‘Do you know who you want to be your dancing partner for the next semester?’

Namé nodded.

‘I think I can guess who,’ miss Jefferson winked.

Namé stared up at her. She knew?

‘You and Laila are practically inseparable; you must have been sisters in another life.’

Namé sighed. She did not know. Laila was her best friend it was true, but she wanted to dance with someone else.


The other dancers trickled into the studio. Namé shifted her weight from foot to foot, waiting, waiting… Then Laila stepped in. On any other day Namé would have run over and hugged her, but today she experienced a strange sinking feeling as Laila saw her, waved and made straight for her.

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