33 Expectations

He expected her to look more beautiful that day than ever before.

She expected him to finally admit to his feelings for her in plenum at dinner even though some of his friends would be present. Also, she expected him to wear a tie for once at the ceremony.

Her mother expected the marriage to last six months or a year at the most; in a year she expected her daughter to realize her mistake and marry the nice clean young man she had picked out for her.

The bride’s father expected it to be a very successful event. He expected that he had greased the wheels sufficiently and now after the ceremony, they would all practically slip through dinner and he could sit back at the end of the day with a job well done.

The groom’s father expected to get some sleep during the ceremony.

The groom’s mother expected to be driven mad by the bride’s mother before they were done with the first course.


His tie had been ruined during the stag party, so he did not wear one. Instead he made faces at one of his friends in the front pew which made his mother prod his father to hiss complaints at him which in turn kept his father awake.

When the bride finally came in, her face was red and puffy from crying and her dress made her look like an overweight snowman. Also, the music was much too loud for the groom’s father to fall asleep.

At dinner the groom held a speech with a few humorous anecdotes, but no feelings involved. And this, combined with the fact that his friends interrupted the other speeches during the first course, no matter how much the bride’s father shushed them, made the bride feel that she could never leave him. At least not before she had taught him how to express himself.

But close to the end of the first course a shrill voice called out and the groom’s mother flung her plate at the bride’s mother, threw her chair into the wall with enough force to chip the plaster, and stormed off to find her car, and thus, she at least had her expectations met.

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  1. ahhhh expectations and mothers…

  2. This was fun. 🙂 Would you mind if I use it in my Creative Writing classes as part of my unit on flash fiction?

  3. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? I know I did……


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