34 Stars

‘Stars are symbols of the past. Yes, stars, especially shooting stars. Stars are pictures of the past. And how magnificent they all look from down here. Although some of them are probably long gone, maybe millions of years ago. Shooting stars are the essence of Vanitas. Here in an instant gone in a flash, and then they too are of the past, with only a memory left of their light. Yes, such is the nature of stars.’

‘Oh, but stars are beauty made matter. They are like gems in the velvet cloth of the night sky, glimmering through many human lifetimes. They have their own magic, made real through the imagination of man.’

‘The stars are unreachable, but we keep trying. We know each one of them is a sun and each of them holds the promise of life out there, that maybe one day we will know the nature of. And each one of them is made of mindboggling amounts of energy and molecules. Many of them make our own sun look like a dwarf in comparison. To think if we could travel-’

‘Would you all please just shut up and enjoy it?’

And so they shut up.

And gazed at the stars.

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