40 Rated

‘Are you sure this is a good idea?’ Thomas wrung his hands, ‘it’s supposed to be really yucky.’

‘You chicken?’ Alexander smiled.

‘No!’ said Thomas, ‘it’s just, what if I puke or something.’

‘Aw, come on,’ Alexander typed the name into the youtube search bar, ‘it’s rated approved for all audiences and my sister watches it all the time, how bad can it be?’

‘I’m sure I’ll puke. And you will too.’

‘No, I won’t. Just watch.’

And so they watched this.

And they did not puke, but about five minutes into the film, it felt like their brains had melted into some kind of rainbow marshmallow mush.

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  1. You lied…I puked!

  2. Can’t believe they watched for five whole minutes, I needed to get outa there after the tea pot catching giggle scene. Ewe, Disney would have puked.


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