I don’t like bananas.

Sometimes I think, I might even hate them.

The sound of their skin being peeled back makes my skin crawl. And the feel of their surface and the look of them, so yellow and then brown if they lie for a while.

Some say yellow is a happy colour, but to me it means falseness. And sickness.

And brown is rot.

Rot just shouldn’t exist.

Like tooth decay.

Is there anything more gross than yellow and brown teeth.

Yellow and brown are the worst colours I know.

Perhaps because they remind me of bananas.

And bananas remind me of penises.

I hate penises. I definitely HATE penises.

I’m not sure why, but the look, the feel, the everything, I just hate it.

Sometimes I have nightmares of men with banana penises.

If the sun was blue and penises and bananas were gone from the world, it would be a happier one.

Someone once made me put one in my mouth, and even though I closed my eyes, it was unbearable, I just couldn’t stand the thought of it. So I spit it out immediately and threw the rest of it in the trash. I’ll never even try eating a banana again.

I’m sure now; I do HATE bananas.

I don’t even know why I hate penises so much.

Perhaps because they remind me of bananas.

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  1. ROFLOL! We all can relate – one time or another!


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