30 Under the Rain

Under the Rain

Usually, they hide under the rain.

Sometimes they hide behind it,

But mostly they hide under it.

On each and every drop, you can find them clinging to the liquid.

Of course you would need a microscope to actually see them.

And when the rain drops splash onto a person,

A dog or bird won’t do, just like bird lice can’t live off humans,

They jump off and bite into the skin with their small shark-like teeth

And they bury right into the flesh,

And they stay there until their host loses a tooth

(Or until the host dies whichever happens first)

And they wait until the host puts it under his or her pillow.

They have to be able to smell the tooth, you see,

Because then they know it’s time,

And they dig their way all the way out of their host again

And then all those from the same host eat the tooth

They share, you see, as everyone should,

And they poop out something which condenses

And then solidifies

And when it’s done, it looks very much like a small coin.

Then they grow wings,

Because the tooth gave them the energy to grow wings, you see?

No, it wouldn’t work for you.

And then they fly up into the clouds where all the adults live,

And then they can have babies too,

And the babies cling to the rain drops on their way down.

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  1. Both awesome and creepy!

  2. WoW, This is incredible writing.


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