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I climb through the binary search trees of my mind, and on the way I consider tagging today with ’nightmares’. The appearance of the asymmetric labyrinth has become a pattern ever since you grabbed the contents of all my boxes and threw it to the wind.

I still need a good category for that day.

Dear You,


Bee (Photo credit: Arantes, L&M)

I have always hated you, so I find it very fitting that you are the one to kill me.

You might think hate is a strong word to use, but it is not; not for the way I feel about you. You are not just my worst friend, you are my enemy and you have been so since the first time I ever saw your two dimensional smile. I do not know if you are too stupid to have noticed, or if you put the bees in the flowers on purpose; the result is the same in any case, and it is fitting.

I hope that you end up in hell and there get to feel for yourself how it is to choke to death slowly as your throat swells from the infection of bee stings and a resulting allergic reaction. Or at least something very similar. Since wrath is a deadly sin, I will probably be there to meet you.

I will not look forwards to seeing you.

Dave (from the office)

The Accident


I really shouldn’t have, but I bought eleven Mars bars from my local Kiosk that day. As I stepped outside, I felt more disgusting than ever. Even though my arms are skeletal thin, it still looks like I’m hiding a football under my t-shirt.

Nausea crept in on me as I thought of the Mars bars in the bag, the cheap chocolate, the sickly sweetness, and I was afraid that I’d vomit then and there. I stood still for a while on the pavement, focusing on my breathing.

In, a long pause, out, in.

It was stupid this, I didn’t even want them. Why did I keep buying them? I clenched my hands around the plastic bag and twisted it as if I was twisting the neck of a chicken that had done me some great evil.

No, not today, the Mars bars would not get me today, and I flung out my arm to toss the bag away, but regret struck me at once and I tried to close my fingers around the handle, but it was already flying out onto the road and I followed it already thinking: ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it Mars bars,’ and as I ended on my knees on the road a car veered around me and collided with a young girl on a bicycle, the yellow dress of the girl billowing as she fell through the air.

Then she lay very still on the asphalt.

Then I fled with the Mars bars clutched to my chest.

Epic Awesomeness!


TheImaginator epically nominated me for the awesome award called “The Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness” which I think is a very epic award to receive and therefore thank theImaginator for awarding it to me in his awesomeness.

The rules are:

–          Write ten facts about yourself

–          Nominate ten other bloggers who write epically awesome content

–          Tell them that they’ve won

So here are the ten facts:

1. I love climbing (as in sports climbing)

2. I love sharing my texts/stories

3. And I love when the texts/stories provoke a visible reaction from the reader/listener.

4. I’ve just begun learning Japanese with a friend with the help of the book: Japanese for Busy People.

5. I suddenly feel much busier than I did before.

6. When I was about eight years old I began making a picture book about a priest who did not believe in God.

7. I spelt the title wrong.

8. The picture book was never finished. (Technically this is about the picture book, but I feel it is also about the problems I used to have in regard to finishing my stories.)

9. Actually, I still have that problem to some extent.

10. I’m not sure how to end this …


Now for ten nominees … or I think I’ll just go with five, ten seems like such a lot.

– (good thoughts)

– (hilarious drawings)

– (Better a redhead than a deadhead)

– (science is fun!)

– (funny postcards)

I hope you’ll enjoy them all or at least some of them as much as I have 🙂

Thank you for reading!


Prim clockwork of a wristwatch, watchmaking ex...

Clockwork (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her nose was like a small beak, not in a charming way. She never took any pictures of herself.

When someone talked to her she tipped her head to one side like the hand of a clock moving into a new position, and she listened, or at least she heard what was said and could repeat it exactly if asked to do so. Sometimes she would whistle fragments of old nursery rhymes during the conversation.

She made pocket watches of silver and bright steel with movements precise as the clockwork that was given life by her fingers. She always whistled while she worked.


English: A simple wind chime

Wind Chime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the smell of smoke that clung to my grandfather and the sound of his breathing. It sounded like he was trying to pull a hurricane through the eye of a needle. He had a missing finger on his right hand.


I remember the spring when I stepped into a bucket of orange paint and left small orange footprints all the way from the front yard to our flat on the second floor and found my big brother. I was crying, but he just laughed at me.


I remember the boiling water from the holes on Iceland and how I shied away from all holes in the ground afterwards.


And I remember the wind chime on the terrace outside the room where my mother stared into space for hours after my father left for China and I never saw him again, and how the wind chime never seemed to sound as musical as they do in films or are described in books.


I remember straying into a dream where I was little red riding hood, and the wolf told me that he was the one who ate my grandfather’s finger.


I remember a smell of lavender in a meadow somewhere on the north island of New Zealand, but my brother says I’ve never been there.

The Stampede

Galloping, galloping, galloping through his mind. His memories have joined his thoughts in a stampede, and he tries to tame them, but they roar at him and threaten to eat him up if he does not back out of their way, and the horse of reason under him neighs and rears and the reins are torn from his hands and

He falls.

He falls much too far.

This hole should have had a bottom.

Perhaps it was swallowed by the lion, like that miniature cake he swallowed at his brother’s birthday, oh, he was so sick afterwards, and the cake should have been for his brother only because his brother was allergic to nuts, and the large birthday cake had walnuts on top and hazel nuts in the middle, and he sees the hazel eyes of the woman who stole that small glass bell in that shop where all the assistants were snobs, and she blinked at him, one finger on her narrow, peach coloured lips and he knew it was wrong, but he did not tell anyone, and anyway those snobs had it coming.



I was at a writing course this weekend which I’ve wanted to write a post about, but I’ve been too busy with other things.

This text is a result of one of the writing exercises from that course, although of course I’ve edited the raw text a bit. We had to write really fast without thinking about what came out, and then the teacher said some words that we had to use in our writing somehow. Before we began we got the word circus. During the exercise we got the words: lion tamer, cake, kleptomania and glass bell.

I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

42 Standing still

The world is moving through time and space. The raindrops are falling through the air. They shatter into numerous little pearls when they hit the smooth curving surface of the roof, some roll down the roof, others begin the fall anew and shatter when they reach the roof, and then the new smaller pearls fall.

I stand underneath the glass dome and watch as the raindrops fall and shatter, fall and shatter, fall and shatter.

I experience time or I would not be able to see them fall, but inside my dome time has stopped. Just to make sure, I dropped my watch over the side of the platform. It slowed and stopped halfway down. It has been hanging in midair for two days now.

However, since my perception of time has not left me, I suspect that time still passes for my body. Then again, I have not eaten since the morning before I threw down my watch, and I have not moved since I looked up at the sky right after throwing my watch, and then the rain began falling and shattering against the dome and the rain is still falling and shattering, falling and shattering, falling and shattering, falling…

The Novel that had No Title, Part 2 (or The Editing)

This is a special celebratory post!

It’s 65,000 words later, and my novel is finished! 🙂

All right, that’s as close to a lie as it gets. The “story” part of the novel is finished, but I haven’t edited anything yet. Also, I still need to find a good title.

Anyway, I’m going to write only flash fiction and short stories until March 30th and then it begins: The editing!

Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you’ll all return and enjoy my stories in the future.

Do you have any large projects that you’re working on?


Breathe Again, Again (Audio)

Today I would like to try something new, and since Colours and Fragments is now available from and (psst, it’s cheaper from the latter),

front cover only c and f

I thought something that had to do with Colours and Fragments would be good.

So here is my idea: I’ll read you Breathe Again, a flash fiction text which is in the collection. Just be careful not to turn up the volume too much or there’ll be a lot of static.

I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

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