44 Two Roads

There are two roads in front of me. One to the right, one to the left. One seems to go roughly east, the other west at first but then it turns to the north. Do I want to go north?

I remember Robert Frost and the road he did not take, and I consider the eastern road. It seems narrower than the other, so maybe fewer people have taken that one. However, there is no way of telling for sure. I don’t see any footprints on either.

Footsteps make me turn my head. A woman is marching towards me coming down the same road as I did. As she passes me, I clear my throat, but she does not look at me.
‘Excuse me?’ I say, but she marches on, turns left and soon disappears around the bend to the north.
And I am left with my thoughts.

She seemed to know where she was going. If only she had told me, I might know whether I wanted to go there too.

West and then north, would that be the right way to go? It might make another turn and not go north at all. It might even lead to the same place as the east road. If that is the case, I could just take either. Would it matter? Maybe. Some say it is all about the way one goes not where one ends up. But if I could choose anywhere, where would I like to end up?

I stare down the west road and see a man there walking towards me at a leisurely pace. Perhaps this time I’ll get some answers.

‘Hello,’ I say when he is close enough to hear me.

‘Hi,’ he says, but does not stop.

‘What’s up the road?’

‘Oh, you know,’ he sighs, ‘stuff.’

‘Were there many people?’

‘Some,’ he shrugs as he passes me by.

‘Did you like it up there?’ I ask his back.

‘I suppose,’ another shrug and he walks down the road I came from. It seems silly to me that he’s going that way. Then again, he has not seen what I have seen.

Answers are still in short supply, but at least I now know that the West-then-North has more people. So I suppose I should take the other. But do I want the road less travelled by? What if it leads to an endless rocky waste with hungry vultures? Maybe all those people going west and then north have a good reason to.

Perhaps I want the highway?

I sit down in the grass beside the road and wonder; which one would you choose?

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  1. Thank you for passing by.

  2. Decisions. Decisions. Oh, my, I think I might be sitting there for quite a while. But I would be awfully curious about the road to the east.

    • Yes, decisions can be tough. Theoretically, not deciding is a decision too, but I don’t know how many would go for that option…
      I get your curiosity, I think I would be tempted by the east road too 🙂

      Thank you for reading 🙂


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