The Stampede

Galloping, galloping, galloping through his mind. His memories have joined his thoughts in a stampede, and he tries to tame them, but they roar at him and threaten to eat him up if he does not back out of their way, and the horse of reason under him neighs and rears and the reins are torn from his hands and

He falls.

He falls much too far.

This hole should have had a bottom.

Perhaps it was swallowed by the lion, like that miniature cake he swallowed at his brother’s birthday, oh, he was so sick afterwards, and the cake should have been for his brother only because his brother was allergic to nuts, and the large birthday cake had walnuts on top and hazel nuts in the middle, and he sees the hazel eyes of the woman who stole that small glass bell in that shop where all the assistants were snobs, and she blinked at him, one finger on her narrow, peach coloured lips and he knew it was wrong, but he did not tell anyone, and anyway those snobs had it coming.



I was at a writing course this weekend which I’ve wanted to write a post about, but I’ve been too busy with other things.

This text is a result of one of the writing exercises from that course, although of course I’ve edited the raw text a bit. We had to write really fast without thinking about what came out, and then the teacher said some words that we had to use in our writing somehow. Before we began we got the word circus. During the exercise we got the words: lion tamer, cake, kleptomania and glass bell.

I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

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