The Cleaner


AJAX (Photo credit: mike lowe)

Clothes and makeup all over the place. Some chewing gum is stuck in the hair of the fluffy orange carpet. A few specks of blood are on the mirror, but otherwise it could be any messy teenager’s room.

He began with the mirror. He sprayed it with Ajax, waited a few seconds whistling ‘London Bridge is falling down’ then began wiping in large circles. When the mirror was as clean as the day it was made, he began on the clothes. Trousers first in one box, skirts in another, blouses in a third. He found a full-body suit and paused a while whistling ‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses’, then tore it in half and put one part in the ‘trousers’ box and the other in the ‘blouses’ box.

Then he hunted down the fist sized dust bunnies with the vacuum cleaner, rolled up the sticky carpet, forced it into a big black bag and put it next to the trash. The chewing gum would never come out and it was a despicable colour anyway.

It was almost habitable when the police arrived.

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