Dreams of Destroying Dreams

The Knight Errant. "The distressful maide...

The Knight Errant. “The distressful maiden has been despitefully used by robbers, who have been dispersed by the gallant knight.” (From the Tate Gallery) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She dreams of delight.

The delight of destroying the delirious damsels who don their distress like a distracting dress to draw the beaus in at dusk.

Disdain is all she has to offer them, disdain and death, and definitely, she says, their destiny will drag them down before long despite their self-deception.

Some might discuss this desire of hers for the despair of a great deal of dames. Some might deem it distasteful or despicable, dreadful even, but she could not be more disinterested in their discourse if they were dust bunnies in the dark corners of her attic.

Deeming her desire appropriate does not make a difference in her eyes which she deigns not let fall on anything less than a deity. Her decision to dash their delusions depended only on what she describes as: ‘her decency’.

She will never declare defeat.


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  1. How appropriate…just got done doing a bit on Courtly or Romantic Love and how it muddled up the established behaviors of the time. Another Knight Errant getting himself into more than he bargained for.

    • Funny coincidence 🙂
      Are you going to post it somewhere or was it for something else?

      Thank you for reading 🙂

      • It’s a WordPress rant brought on by the Aussie golfer who has become the darling of the media for the moment. Like what I’ve seen of your blog so far…flash fiction is something I don’t do well, and therefore, appreciate even more when I read someone’s work who can make it work well.

  2. Kevin Bernard Ginn

     /  April 20, 2013

    Decidedly delightful! from Bernard


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