An Oblique Oration

The Birth of Venus ( )

The “Overlady” through their eyes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My whole organism objects when I observe these obscenely obedient officers being all obsequious to their overlord, or rather their overlady. Them with their offending odours which are oppressive in the omnibus and occasional Oedipus worthy ogles at their mistress, and the mistress with her ostentation of her bodily ornaments, it’s obnoxious!

Not that I oppose the operation, of course, but I think the ordeal would be overcome easier if I could be onymous or at least have other agents on my side as I am not omnipresent and the information oozes from them slowly. Oh, how I long to obliterate them!

Although all my organs cry out at the outrage, I look outwardly ordinary to our opponents.

We will outmanoeuvre and ostracize them yet.


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