The Person in the Palanquin

Pilgrimage of Korea[n] lady

Person in Palanquin (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)

As he carried a pail to the pagoda, he peered at a passing palanquin and wondered what palatable pleasures the person within would prefer. Potatoes were probably far from what a person with such perks and privileges could purchase.

People he met always postulated that every new day at the pagoda was pristine. That in its primitiveness the pagoda preserved a picturesque piece of history that he should be proud of. Also, the priests pontificated on behalf of the place practically every day. They were positive towards his silence, so he pretended to listen and pondered palindromes in his head.

If he could pick and choose, it would be easy as a pianola; he would not be the person in the pagoda.

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