Vagabond (Photo credit: Abhijith B.Rao)

He vacated vales and villages without valedictions, there was great variation in the vests he wore, but a vermillion coloured piece of vellum with a verse written on it in long vertical letters was his vademecum.

He valued it higher than venison or veal, very much more than the verdegris covered coppers in his pocket.

His veneration of the verse made his manners vitreous and they shattered if someone asked if he might one day venture forth without his verse. The enquiry made him first vow that he would never do so and then verbally vicious. More than one virtuous virgin was given the verdict: villain or was in other ways vivisected in his vigorous vexation.

What the verse contained he never volunteered to say.

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  1. Vexing verse

  2. A vividly volatile vagabond, your man 🙂 A vuvuzela cheer to you!


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