A Zombie-Creating Zoril

Zombie Aid 2, Stop, Zombies!

Zombie Aid 2, Stop, Zombies! (Photo credit: purplemattfish)

She had a pet zoril and it made his fear zymotic diseases reach its zenith. No matter how much zeal she showed in making him at ease, he treated the zoril like it was a zeppelin filled with hydrogen or an unprotected wire which might zap him at any time.

He made “safe-zones” where it was not allowed and she exploited his high zest for zeugmas to try to sneak it in anyway. When he realized what she was doing, his lips first closed as if they were zipped together. Then, when she said there was zero reasons for him to fear the zoril so, he uttered a: “Zounds!” and said curses involving all the animals of the zodiac before warning her that unless she wanted to begin the zombie plague, she had better back off. At that she picked up her zoril and thrust it in his face.

It of course bit him at once and during the week following the incident, he did indeed turn into a zombie.

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  1. Zounds! haha. Great post.


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