A to Z Challenge Completed!

AtoZchallengeWednesday I published a Z-text so I’m done with my own version of the A to Z challenge. Woop woop woop! (\/)(:,,,:)(\/)

This means I’ll be going back to stories inspired by the 100-challenge, pictures, overheard dialogues or anything else that might spark a good idea. But I won’t go back to regular writing empty-handed.

This A to Z challenge has forced me to use new words and sometimes old words in new ways. I highly recommend that all you writers out there try it. Perhaps not from A to Z, but at least from A to G. It’s a great vocabulary expander. For example, I now know that an umbra can also mean an uninvited guest brought along by an invited guest and vademecum can be used about any token a person always carries with her.

Have you found any good writing exercises recently?

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