Steep Mountainsides and Lush Valleys

Triglav National Park is a beautiful place full of life. Not only is the air always buzzing with insects there are hawks in the skies, dormice in the trees, chamois on the mountainsides and bears in the forests. During my holiday I saw or heard all of these animals, except the bears.

I spent five nights in a hut in Vrata valley and this was where I heard the dormice. Although they naturally live in trees, a family of dormice had moved into the walls of the hut. It sounded like they had a party each night with plenty of scrambling and squeaking. Luckily, I learnt to sleep through it.

Slovenia 03

View from the hut.

One day we went from  Aljazev dom up to a small hut at almost 2000 metres. It was a rather steep hike compared to what I’ve tried before, but at least we were only carrying day packs. Also, the experience and the view made it well worth it.

Slovenia 02

View over the Vrata valley.

On that very same trip we saw a chamois walking down a snow patch towards us. It ran away of course when we came too close, but on our way down we saw it again just below the very same snow patch. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo, but here is what a chamois looks like running across the snow.

Chamois on snow

Picture taken from where they have several pictures of Chamois.

One of the other days we took a trip to Bled. On our way up to the castle we saw two hawks with their young on a rock face we passed. We had binoculars so we could see them clearly, but the pictures we took show just a rock face with small blotches. After seeing the castle we walked around the lake which had incredibly clear water.

Slovenia 01

The church in lake Bled. The castle is hidden behind the lower right leaves. 

After the five nights in the hut we drove to Berchtesgarden to spend four nights at a cosy three star hotel. Luxury! 😉


View from the hotel.

One of the days in Berchtesgarden we took the cable car called Jennerbahn up the mountain and went hiking from there. We met a good deal more people on this trip than we did hiking in Slovenia, but that did not mean that we did not see any wild animals. During our trip down the mountain in the cable car, we sailed right over the head of a marmot and a bit later we saw a black snake crossing a gravel path.

English: Marmot, on GR10 hiking path side, nea...

Marmot (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

As you can hear, I’ve had a lovely trip. As a bonus I even remembered to scribble down a few ideas some of the evenings, so updates will be back to normal from now on. At least for a while.

Did you go anywhere this summer?

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  1. WOW ! Awesome pictures ! I Love the natural beautiful scenes and I can just sit back and look at them all day ! They are so soothing for mind….Love the post ! Your blog is Great xx


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