Palindrome to the Future

Recently I read a post on Ramisa Raya’s blog called We Dismiss the Meaningful, But Ponder the Trivial.
It reminded me of this awesome poem that one of my friends, Dennis Glintborg, wrote. He wrote it in Danish, and asked me to translate it, so I did.
And he said that I could share it with you, so here it is 🙂

Palindrome to the Future

The beautiful will inherit the future

Only a fool will seriously believe that

All people are equal

Blonds are the only ones with charm, confidence and good hair days

And listen here; it is a damn cliché if you think that

Breast implants are so last-year


Is better than

The natural look

So realize it, just realize it

We are living in a society where happiness is something you buy for money

And let no one tell me that

Change is possible

Capitalism is anchored in our DNA

So do not believe them if they say that

Good will can change the world

Not even Lady Gaga can do that

The truth is

Paradise Hotel; that you can be the best just by spreading your legs

It is naive to believe in

Immersion and reflection

When we would much rather spend our time on

Paris Hilton and the shoes she is wearing

Who the hell wants to hear about

The important perspectives behind us

Everyone forgets

If not

The future will improve




If you haven’t already, read it bottom up now.

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  1. This is absolutely amazing! I love the palindrome effect, the contrasting perspectives of right and wrong. But even without the palindrome effect, the poem itself is extremely thought-provoking. The pop-culture references make it more present-based and easier to relate to. I love the satire, the slight tinge of frustration, but that overall feeling of hope that the future will, indeed, improve.
    Thank you so much for linking me to this! Tell your friend this is a stunning poem. 😀 (And you did a wonderful job as the translator; I love your word-choice!)

  2. this is great!


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