clouds (Photo credit: Shandi-lee)

On my way through the worlds, I saw many strange and wondrous things. I noted down as much as I could so as not to forget them.

Some things I forgot anyway.

What I do remember perfectly are the clouds.

Now you might say that clouds are a pretty useless thing to remember, but I found that the clouds say a great deal about a world’s personality, as it were.

When I travelled in the Sweet Realms, where honey flows in rivers down to a golden sticky sea, the clouds were pink all day and a murky grey at sunset. I met fist sized dragonfly like creatures that flew up and fetched pieces of them down for me to eat. The fluffy cloud pieces tasted like candy floss.

In the Cloud Kingdom they walk on the clouds. The clouds are their world. They use the clouds to build, to plant crops in, and although the clouds are a spongy solid and much more constant than the evaporated water we know from our world, they are not completely constant. Rebuilding is common in the Cloud Kingdom.

I have seen clouds in almost every colour and some I could hardly see at all because their colour merged with the sky or because they had no colour.

I am happy to be home again and experience the virgin white summer fluff in our sky and watch the sun lend them red and orange and pink at sunset.

However, every time I look out of a plane window, I imagine walking through the white landscape out there like it was possible to do in the cloud kingdom and sometimes, I buy candy floss just to imagine that I plucked it from the sky.

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