Don’t Take it Personally…



Every time someone says that the next thing out of their mouths can ONLY be taken personally.


But I’m trying to shift focus from the real issue.


So, err…


I’ve had a nasty cough from Friday until Tuesday and now I’m managing a spotlight for a show at my university; sketches, songs, silly small film clips that sort of thing. It’s really fun, but it takes a lot of time out of my days. Also, they borrowed my computer to program the lights for the show. (Yes, I m updating from a foreign computer.)


So I didn’t meet my deadline Wednesday.


I feel a bit weird about writing about what I’ve been doing instead of just fiction. It’s almost like writing about my personal life. And you might say: “Aren’t blogs always personal?”


And for the most part I guess, they are. Very personal even. And I don’t mind reading about other people’s personal lives; I read Widdershin’s blog often which includes a good deal of personal stuff and sometimes I take a trip to the Dimwit Diary which seems to be exclusively stories from his personal life.


However, as soon as I have to write about myself, I scratch my nose, adjust my glasses and still feel uncomfortable. Even if it’s just what I’ve been doing for the past few days. I read on How to Live in Denmark that Danes have a passion for protecting their private life, maybe it’s true for some.


Anyway there you have it.


And now you also have an update. (Sort of)

How do you feel about writing about your personal life?

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  1. Dada

     /  November 29, 2013

    “Don’t take it personally” is just like “No offense, but…”. If you ever open a sentence with “No offense”, then you should probably just stop right there, ‘cos otherwise damn well know that you /will/ offend. Ugh.

    Looking forward to the show, though. Also, yay, my first comment here. That actually took more courage than I expected – perhaps that’s how you feel about writing about yourself?

  2. Well, thank you for the shout out 😀

    … When I started my blog I never in a pink fit thought I would be writing about the stuff that’s hit the fan in my life recently. I would’ve thought it too personal. It was going to be about my writing life, and writing-erly thoughts.

    … But that’s the funny thing about this blog writing gig. After a while it gets to be like having a conversation dance. You write a little bit about yourself, and the sky doesn’t fall, so you doe-see-doh a little to the left and write s’mores, and the sky still doesn’t fall (which in itself can be a little disconcerting until you get used to it!) … and the music goes round and you end up enjoying yourself!

    That’s not to say I reveal all the minutiae of my daily existence, nor personal/identifiable details about my family. There is a line I won’t cross … but I haven’t had a comment yet that says what I post is boring.

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      It sounds like a very gradual thing, and the sky has not fallen yet. Maybe it never will.
      I hope I didn’t jinx it…

  3. Good post. It is hard to know whether some of us write to use it as a creative platform only dealing in our writings or if we use the blog to have a online journal. Or do most of us just blend all of our thoughts onto the blog and hope it fulfills our creative needs?


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