Family Portrait

Black Sheep

Black Sheep (Photo credit: JoshBerglund19)

He stares at his family portrait, but there is something not right about it.

His parents look like they always have, except that their salt and pepper hair might have a bit more salt than it used to. He scratches his cheek, but it does not remove the itch from his mind.

His big brother is there pointing his large nose at his wife. Their two youngest are in front of them, the eldest beside them. There is his sister with her toothpaste commercial worthy smile beside her girlfriend and the child that they adopted. There is his little brother in a high hat and his fiancé in a dress of golden sequins with a small, white poodle on her arm.

And then it strikes him.

He is not in the photo at all.

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  1. Listen mate, ya gotta learn how to set the 10 second delay feature on the camera if you want to get in the picture as well.


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