‘Have you been crying?’ her brow folded and the skin cracked letting a few skin flakes nestle on her nose.
‘No,’ he rubbed his red rimmed eyes and sniffed.
‘What’s all this then,’ she waved a hand as dry as her brow at his face.
‘Allergies,’ he sniffed, took a deep breath. ‘Don’t worry about it.’
‘Ok.’ She turned away, already opening drawers right and left. ‘Have you seen my body lotion?’

He left by the kitchen stairs. Down on the street he threw a body lotion in a container.
‘I’m allergic to adultery,’ he muttered as he sniffed again.


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  1. Wow powerful.

    ~ Darling

  2. This is good. I think you could have probably ended it at ‘No’ and the reader would have had some mystery, but definitely the full feeling. This is good though. I like your writing.


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