New Glasses

The half shaved man marched into the optical shop, fists clenched, but the sales assistant was faster to open his mouth.
‘Welcome to Crystal ClearTM,’ the assistant spread his arms wide, ‘we let you see anything. How can I help you?’
‘I want glasses which let me see if someone is or has been cheating me,’ the man said.
‘Cheating?’ the assistant asked.
‘I’ve just had an unnecessary trip to the moon, I’ve had this ridiculous half-beard,’ he pointed to his half shaved face, ‘for a month, someone only just told me that it was definitely NOT “hot with the ladies”.’
‘Ah,’ the assistant nodded. ‘You need a pair of UWONTFOOLMETM. However, I have to warn you, their use is prohibited a number of places.’
‘I don’t care.’

The assistant provided the man with a scarlet box which had ‘UWFM’ written on it.
‘How much?’ asked the man.
’12,000 credits.’
The man frowned.
‘They’re expensive to make,’ the assistant shrugged.
The man paid and opened the box.
‘Wait,’ said the assistant, ‘you ca-’
The man looked at the assistant with his new glasses on.

When the police arrived, the assistant could not see anything out of either eye.

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  1. Very clever – This is one of my favorites. I never would have thought about glasses that could see if someone was cheating.

  2. That’s called ‘just desserts’ … love it!


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