First Sentences

(Credit: "whitelion",

(Credit: “whitelion”,

At a writing course some time ago, there was a writing exercise called simply “First sentences”.

It was very simple; just write as many first sentences as you can think of, but try to always include some sort of contrast or element of surprise. 
Here’s my list (I made some of them into stories later):

I have always hated you, so I find it very fitting that you will be the one to kill me.

It was green grass in front of her, but she saw an endless blue sea. 

Looney Toons always made him cry. 

I was never lonely like Dracula, but sometimes I missed having heartbeats near.  

Her eyes smothered her with affection. 

He had always thought it impossible, but Gregory knew it was not.  

Milk, at least 500 litres that’s what we need! 

Who would have thought that arsenic could be so final? 

Like Nero, I always play the violin when I see something burn.  

Angels used to visit me in my dreams, but I think I’ve chased them away for good this time.  

He hated everything sweet, except anything with sugar in it. 


What would your list be?

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  1. Great “food for thought.” 🙂

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     /  January 25, 2014

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