Three Mini Texts

Because of the festive occasion (I have an exam today, Friday, at 9 o’clock), I have written three miniature stories. I hope you enjoy them.

I often feel like the opposite of Batman. I’m unique like that. Some people might feel like a Cheryl or a Johnny or a Jessica. But who other than me has ever felt like a Namtab?


‘No, officer, it’s just ketchup, I swear.’
‘Are they dead?’
‘Yes, but we were only playing.’


‘Ready?’ Dave asked, his hands spread out in front of him. ‘Dragons!’
Everyone else in the meeting sighed.
‘It’s the best idea ever,’ his smile threatened to split his face.
‘And how are you proposing we get a dragon?’ asked Mr. Rodgers. ‘It would burn you to a crisp before you got close.’
‘Dragons aren’t really dangerous,’ said Dave.

Mr. Rodgers agreed to pay for Dave’s tombstone under the condition that he could quote Dave on it.

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  1. Short and to the point! Wonderful. Anyone who calls themselves ‘Dave’ ought to be crisped by dragons!


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