A Goddess in the Making

Credit: "Glow-BM", glow-bm.deviantart.com

Credit: “Glow-BM”, glow-bm.deviantart.com

Her glow gives her a divine touch.

Admittedly, it makes her veins stand out against her pale skin and the green colour looks slightly poisonous, but it also makes her ethereal , unreachable, like her feet would never truly touch the ground. However, at the moment she is lying very still and it is perceptible that her back pins the seer white fabric of her dress to the examination table, so invisible strings might be needed to complete the picture.

Also, a voice should be found for her. It is unlikely she will ever speak again.

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  1. I love the last two sentences. Also, very descriptive with her veins standing out with green poisonous color. Very imaginative.

  2. Creepy and awesome flash fiction. 🙂


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