Here are some Haikus

(Credit: wikipedia)

(Credit: wikipedia)

I’ve written Haikus.
Mostly because they are short,
And sometimes funny.


It is new for me
And thus exciting for me
I’m doing my best


I was inspired
By the following haiku
The author unknown


Haikus are easy.
But sometimes they don’t make sense.

(Also this book)

(Also this book)

Her love was moonlight
If his had not been fire
He would have seen it


Writing poetry
Scenery is not needed
But mountains do help


Japanese pictures
Cherry blossoms and insects
Love in the brush strokes


Coughing and wheezing
Tomorrow will be better
Snot fills the trash can


Now a little game
Read the following haiku
Guess an old story


A little girl finds
Very wide smiles and

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  1. I like those!! New to writing and haven’t explored poetry of any sort, including haikus, altho they’re on the bucket list. Good to know others are trying as well. Best was your coughing and wheezing ….

    • Thanks!
      I think it’s a good idea to try a bit of everything, it makes it easier to get to know one’s preferences.
      The coughing and wheezing one was inspired by my cold…

  2. All of these are beyond great, but this one is probably my favorite: “Haikus are easy. / But sometimes they don’t make sense. / Refrigiator.” Really funny.

  3. The last one is a bit disturbing.

  4. Alice in wonderland … nicely done!


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