Star Songs


From my roof I count the stars and they fill my head with sweet songs, but although the rhymes stick, the reason floats away when dawn washes over me.

So I return every night to admire the light and they tell me that humanity is so so so very close to touching them and I wonder whether that means that even I can touch the sky. They tell me that they are not really white, that the air is cleaner from a mountain top and that they seldom grant wishes, but they might consider granting mine and I wonder what wish they are talking about and I still believe in nothing.

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  1. Dada

     /  April 25, 2014

    I’ve always had a thing for stars. Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of the beauty of space, of the wonders still to be discovered. When I look at the stars and contemplate my place and path in life, I realize how utterly insignificant everything I ever did and will do is. At first, this nihilistic feeling was crushing and filled me with dread. Now, however, I have come to appreciate it. There is freedom in insignificance if you embrace it.

    This actually ended up becoming that start of a very personal essay, so I’ll cut myself short and just say what I came to say: This story touched me and resonated with in way I didn’t expect two paragraphs to be able to.

    • When I go through the things I’ve written, stars pop up quite often. Probably because I am also fascinated by them.
      I am very glad the story touched you. The biggest reason I have for writing is that I want to make people feel something when they read, so thank you for commenting and thank you for reading.


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