56 Danger Ahead


‘Be careful,’ he said, ‘there is danger ahead.’

‘Danger?’ she said.

‘Yes,’ he said, ‘just up there, probably just around the corner.’ He pointed at a large rock which the road disappeared behind.

‘What is it?’ she asked.

‘Dangerous,’ he said.

‘Yes, but what it is that is dangerous?’

‘That it is so close.’

‘How can I be careful of something, if you won’t tell me what it is?’

‘I have warned you, but I’m not going to solve your problem for you.’

‘I don’t want you to solve anything. I just want you to tell me why I have to be careful.’

‘There is danger ahead.’

‘Urgh!’ She pulled her hair, ‘I’m going.’ She marched up to the rock and carefully, very carefully she looked around the edge and there she saw nothing. No grass, no road, she could not even see the rock from this side, there was just a void and it took her breath away.

Clara and her Stepmother (version 2)


Clara sat in the garden wearing her Cinderella ball dress, throwing treats for the dog to find.

‘Clara?’ called Clara’s stepmother from the house and Clara sprang to her feet and sped to the bushes the dog at her heels.

‘Shh,’ whispered Clara to the dog when they were well hidden by the leaves, ‘we mustn’t let the dragon find us. She’ll take away our dress like she did at the shops last weekend.’

Walking out into the garden, Clara’s stepmother called several more times, but Clara bit her lip and even the dog was still except for his tail.

When Clara’s stepmother went back into the house, she sighed and checked her watch. The surprise birthday party she had arranged for her husband would begin in half an hour.

Clara and her Stepmother (version 1)

(Credit: Disney)

(Credit: Disney)

This is Clara. She is a sweet little girl and you are supposed to like her.

This is Clara’s stepmother. You are supposed to think she is evil because Clara does not like her and you like Clara, but if you look carefully you will find out that Clara’s stepmother is actually a decent person. In fact, Clara’s stepmother is a very nice person and Clara should find out by the end of the story, but only if Clara stops being a spoiled brat who thinks that she is the protagonist of every story.


(Credit: Louish Pixel)

(Credit: Louish Pixel)

The beating of the drums reverberates through her body loosening her spirit. In the limbo between two worlds she is close to drowning, but she is not certain whether she is coming up for air or plunging deeper into the ocean.

As her spirit billows out from her, she curls into a ball, her fingers twitching as if trying to catch her spirit and trap it again within her body. When the last piece of her spirit has unsnagged itself from her nails, she floats for a while tasting spices from nowhere and wonders what made her think air was so great.

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