The impact begins an earthquake in his body. It creates a fissure in his thigh and releases a river which runs down over his knee and darkens the asphalt. While his brain tries to make sense of the violent tremors, his arms rise in front of his face, fending off a sight that his eyelids have already taken care of. His brain shuts down and his arms collapse to his sides before his body crumbles, his fingers twitching with the aftershock.

Going to Norway



On Sunday I’m going to Norway to cross a glacier or two and since I haven’t written enough between getting my bachelor’s and now, updates will once again be scant. I’ll bring pen and paper though. Hopefully, the mountains will help me getting into the grove again, so that there will be updates aplenty when I get back.

Have a great summer!

Getting Rid of Inner Demons

(Credit: CptnDerp on Deviantart)

(Credit: CptnDerp on Deviantart)

He pushes his hand against one eye, gradually increasing the pressure until the tissue gives way. Grabbing the first thing he finds, he pulls out a dark struggling creature stinking of vinegar. As it hisses at him, he throws it up towards the sun and it freezes. When it strikes the ground, it shatters. The fragments evaporate in seconds.

Good News Everyone!

It’s been quiet here for a while, but I promised you good news so here it is:

I am now a fully certified mathemagician!

And I’m going to continue studying to become a master this September. Until then I hope to get lots and lots of writing done.

Also, my short story There is Nothing Keeping You will appear in issue 12 of The British Fantasy Society’s journal which has the theme LGBT in fantasy.

I’ll post a small text in less than 5 minutes!

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