Black Wings

(Freyja and the Necklace by J. Doyle Penrose)

(Freyja and the Necklace by J. Doyle Penrose)

He hears the wing beats drawing close, but he does not open his eyes at once. He had assumed that he would feel warmer when he died, but the wind that tugs at his beard chills his forehead and his back feels more and more damp. He opens his eyes at a slit and sees black feathers in the corner of his vision.

‘Choose me, Freyja,’ he mouths, ‘I always gave you my best sheep.’

He closes his eyes and feels a pressure on his chest.

‘Yes, I knew…’ as he opens his eyes, a raven peers at him with one black eye, then its beak comes straight at him and he screams.


‘Jealousy doesn’t suit you,’ she says to the one eyed man and strokes the cat at her side. He turns and walks away from her, following his new warriors. When he is gone, she steps closer to the blind Viking and strokes his face. He is sent into a deep sleep filled with visions of cauldrons, runes and herbs, smoke and knowledge.

‘You don’t need your eyes for Seðr,’ she whispers.

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