Bees and butterflies and regular flies buzzing in my ears and sheep bleating all over the place. Some people might be able to ignore it, just shrug it off, but not me; my ears are too sensitive to all animal sounds. Except speech; speech I can be absolutely deaf to.

Anyway, there were all these sounds and I needed them to stop, so I cast a blessing of silence on the valley and all sounds ceased at once. It was bliss. For me and for all the predators since their prey could no longer hear them creep close. Only most of the humans in the valley were less than pleased. In fact, they were so little pleased that they decided to lynch some poor fellow. I really don’t know what he should have done wrong, so I removed the blessing and explained the people how it all fitted together.

Then they wanted to lynch me.

Since I did not wish to be lynched, I resisted. Carefully at first, but then moderately and when that did not work I exploded the heads of those who refused to let go of me. Not a noisy explosion of course, that would have driven me mad, just small plops as their brains exited their skulls in all directions. One of them was the poor sod who had almost been lynched. The others backed away after that, but they were still very uncooperative. They would not point me in the direction of the most quiet place on earth, no matter how politely I asked.

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