Four Friends



We were the elements.

Gwen was earth because she was so reliable. I was fire because of my red hair, although I had a long struggle with Eva to decide it; she didn’t agree to take water before we reminded her of ocean storms and assured her that more people drowned each year than were caught in forest fires. After we settled our argument, blue became her favourite colour.

And Troy was air. Because none of us really knew what to make of him.

He was there most of the time, but often disappeared before the game was done. We stopped waiting for him, because if he didn’t turn up we had wasted time, and if he suddenly did turn up during a game, he just blended in naturally. And I noticed that I breathed easier.

Gwen liked him. Eva often got angry with him, but mostly it wasn’t really him she was angry with; she just shouted out her frustrations to the sky.

And when one stormy autumn, he stopped turning up completely, I wondered whether he really had let the wind carry him away.

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  1. Love this short piece so, so much. Where is the photo from?

  2. Nice story.


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