49 Trees

She burst out from the towering pines and found herself in a clearing with slender crab apple trees with flowers in their hair. The white blossoms scattered a few petals in welcome and spread their sweet aroma to her. Stars glinted through the branches like jewels.

She fell to her knees and sobbed, clutching her wounded stomach and looked back at the uneven spatters of red behind her. Crawling, she reached the nearest maiden and rested against its bark. Through half closed lids, she saw it bending down and stroking her cheek. She released a sigh and the blossoms turned pink.

43 Creation


The creation of a sentence might begin with fish flying through one’s brain or a photograph of dolphins from that last vacation one had with one’s sister. The one where one well and truly realized that one did not wish to see her again. Ever.

It can begin with the scent of roses or the reek from under one’s arms after going three weeks without a shower. It might begin with the pain from stepping on a thistle with bare feet or half-melted snow running down one’s back as one’s so called “love” is laughing his head off.

In either case, the creation takes place and afterwards there is something where there was nothing. The strange and wonderful jump from zero to one has occurred, and although it might not feel like it at the time, there is beauty in that.

63 Do Not Disturb


It’s not for fun that I put up my sign. And no, it’s not enough for you to just be quiet, you have to be not there at all or your loud, clumsy thoughts might shatter the fragile crystals forming in my mind. Why you ask? Isn’t beauty its own reason? Are we not all enriched just by beholding? You would take that from me and the people I could share it with?

And yes, I will need that bottle of whiskey, thank you very much, and the cigars. No, you cannot take one with you. Be off with you and leave me to my books and my papers or I’ll show you how old children’s rhymes deal with the likes of you.

Fighting the Just Fight

Office war

You don’t seem to realise that there is a war between us. I’ve considered telling you of course, but I’m worried it might damage my chances of winning.

I keep you unbalanced with my capriciousness and make sure to forget your birthday unless I’ve found something you hate; I know you’re too polite to refuse a gift. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve insinuated that your weight is above average. When our colleagues are around I am always very careful, and I make sure to make them like me more than they like you. With my allies and my cunning I’m certain to get back at you someday.

Someday I’ll get back at you for saying “irregardless”.

It was not a Fairytale

(Credit: Rebecca Litchfield, beautifulbizarre.net/2015/03/25/rebecca-litchfields-dark-tourism-photography/ )

(Credit: Rebecca Litchfield, beautifulbizarre.net/2015/03/25/rebecca-litchfields-dark-tourism-photography/ )

How could you be such an idiot?

You were supposed to win. Everything was set up to let you win. You’re the youngest, you came in third, your brothers said that you didn’t have a chance; I even gave the ogre in the last trial sleeping potion after your brothers had failed. How could you die to the killer bees in the very first trial? How?

I’m beginning to regret poking the ogre awake when your first brother came in…

Fire (Elements 4 of 4)

(Credit: NocturnalGuy at Mecha Pixel,  mechapixel.com/ent.php?eid=1047)

(Credit: NocturnalGuy at Mecha Pixel, mechapixel.com/ent.php?eid=1047)

Bubbles are bursting in the lava, and we are bursting with laughter at the thought of them trying to pierce our nonexistent hearts.

More heat!

We sing to the sun and laugh even louder when we catch a glimpse of a fleeing wind walker. There is no point in running, and why would one even try? When they come, we will welcome them. We might even surge out to meet them. They might not like our scorching embrace, but they should have thought of that before they promised to play.

They think to quench us, but they will only fan the dancing flames with their war.

Water (Elements 3 of 4)


The battlefield will be green with seaweed when it is ready. We have grown it since the first disturbances, and we have perfected the art of hiding in it.

Schools of soldiers glide through the plants in their new armour. Striped fins and scales let them seem like shadows, but these shadows bite.

We shall see who is blue when all is said and done. Even if they win the first round we will still be there, and if they learn to see through our camouflage, we will make new disguises.

They seem very optimistic about catching us with their bare hands, but we shall see.

We are experts in bursting bubbles.

Earth (Elements 2 of 4)

(Credit: stevegoad on DeviantART, stevegoad.deviantart.com )

(Credit: stevegoad on DeviantART, stevegoad.deviantart.com )

When it begins, we will be right here.

Right where we have always been.

Their puny tremors do not scare us. When they come, they will know what real rumbling is.

Roots dug in deep, we will let them smash themselves to pieces on our wall of thorns and claws. We will let them be crushed under our hooves and rocks.

In a million years, they would not be able to push us an inch. And when they have exhausted themselves, when the rain has washed their blood away, and the scavengers have had their feast, there will be a spring where the vine will crawl through their skulls and the battlefield will be green.

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