It was not a Fairytale

(Credit: Rebecca Litchfield, )

(Credit: Rebecca Litchfield, )

How could you be such an idiot?

You were supposed to win. Everything was set up to let you win. You’re the youngest, you came in third, your brothers said that you didn’t have a chance; I even gave the ogre in the last trial sleeping potion after your brothers had failed. How could you die to the killer bees in the very first trial? How?

I’m beginning to regret poking the ogre awake when your first brother came in…

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  1. Dada

     /  April 11, 2015

    It is never fun not living up to the expectations of others, not being able to play the role they envisioned for you. It is probably even less fun to be stung to death by killer bees. Poor guy.

    • Yes, so don’t go through deadly trials for someone. Even if they want you to win, they might not help you through it.


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