Greed (5 of 6)

The door creaked when she pushed it open and she cursed herself for forgetting to oil it during the day. She stood in the empty hallway listening to her heartbeat and waited to see if someone had heard. She could still turn back at this point; she had not yet entered Lady Aurelia’s dressing room. The hallway remained empty, but was she really ready to give up her position?

She remembered the sting from lady Aurelia’s fingers on her cheek. But that had been the only time and for a maid’s position the pay was quite good and her mother said the money she sent really helped them. Also, she had been lucky to get the position in the first place, since there had been five others at the tryout which the butler and the housekeeper held. Then she remembered the large golden rings on Lady Aurelia’s fingers, the pearl necklace she wore that day and the emeralds she wore the day before and the maid stepped into her mistress’ dressing room.

She crept up to the dressing table and one by one she slid open the drawers and emptied everything of value into her bag. With all this she would become rich. She just had to be far away by morning. When her bag was full, she still had not taken all the earrings, so she put the rest in her pockets. She could begin a new life in France, say she was an heiress. Maybe she could marry a noble’s son?

And when the fuss had died down, she could send her family money again. Of course it might take a while before it was safe, but they should be able to get along on her father’s pay until then. In fact, her father’s pay would probably be enough for them indefinitely, if they were a bit frugal. And of course they would want her to be happy, so there was actually no reason to put herself in danger by sending them money.

She sneaked out of Lady Aurelia’s dressing room, her heavy bag over one shoulder and went on towards Clara’s dressing room. If she was going to be an heiress, she would need some dresses and Clara’s were the only ones that might fit.

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