Pride (6 of 6)

(Credit: DrewTheUnquestioned on DeviantArt,

(Credit: DrewTheUnquestioned on DeviantArt,

It was typical, just typical. Leonard rubbed his cheeks. The annual family dinner was coming up and they were down a maid and a cook. He had known from the start that the maid could not be trusted, he had seen the greed in her eyes. But Mrs Monté had said she knew the girl’s family and that they really needed the money, so they should give her a chance. He snorted at the memory. That was what they got for giving her a chance. She could at least have waited until after the dinner before grabbing everything and running for it. She would be picked up soon of course, but although they would get the jewellery back the maid would still be a thief, and a thief was not fit to serve the ladies.

And Henry too. Now that had surprised him. He had thought that Henry knew his place. It was a good thing it was caught before it went any further. Leonard shook his head. Not everyone was as virtuous as the ladies.

He slapped his thigh. Enough mulling over what could not be fixed. As butler it was his job to make this work no matter how much staff was missing. And it was more important than ever to let the poor ladies know that no matter what happened at least they could always rely on him. He just hoped the rest of the staff would follow his good example.

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