Extrovert – Introvert (2 of 4)

(Credit: happymonsters.tumblr.com)

(Credit: happymonsters.tumblr.com)

The laughter jarred his ears and the volume of the voices around him turned up another notch. So many people. And they all seemed to want to be heard above the others. He tried to take a deep breath and ignore the noise, just let it wash over him, but there was something else. Something which could not be seen, but it emanated from everyone around him. It pressed against him, draining him and squeezing his heart, so that he thought it might pop. And he felt that he had to leave, he had to leave right now or the noise would drown him. But if he stood up, they would all look at him and he was tired. So tired. So he sank into his chair and trembled.

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