Struggling With A Demon

(Credit: Dragon Age Origins, BioWare)

(Credit: Dragon Age Origins, BioWare)

In a dream, he struggles to get away from advancing liquid; thick, sticky, green liquid. It might have been sent after him by someone or something, but the memory is fuzzy and right now, he only has time to think of escape. The slope in front of him becomes steeper and steeper, until he is climbing a vertical wall, the green slime rising beneath him. His arms ache and his heels are turned green. Soon a whole foot is enveloped and when he tries to make a move up, the glob under his sole makes him slip and he falls, back first, into the slime. He yells and flounders, coughs as the green stuff enters his mouth, then he sinks like a stone.

Holding his breath, he opens his eyes to see what resembles green glass in all directions. He counts the seconds and looks down, but there is no bottom. Without realizing it, he sighs, inhaling slime, but this time there is no coughing. It merely coats his insides and creates a thick film on his brain, and he finds that he doesn’t mind just sinking through this goo forever. It does not demand anything of him, and he is just dreaming anyway. In fact, he finds that he would not mind to just keep on dreaming forever, maybe even going to sleep in his dream, forever falling deeper and deeper into his subconscious. It would be so easy to just let go.

And the sloth demon wins.

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